Saturday 28th September 2019 : 04:45 – 07:45

qA massive range with a personal touch

Here at CHEC, we are proud to bring a unique level of personalisation to everything we do. Whether you want a hundred garments or just a single t-shirt, we are able to spend time working with our customers to create an end result that’s just right for them.

If you have a clear idea of what you want, we are happy working with you to make that a reality. If you have only a vague notion of a finished design, CHEC’s design team are more than willing to come up with samples and suggestions to help you realise your vision.

Your ideal, personalised products are only a phone call or click away.

CHEC was opened in 1995 to provide a professional working environment for young, physically disabled people who had left formal education and experienced problems accessing open employment because of their disability.

Today CHEC’s objectives remain the same, to help people develop a meaningful career who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining employment. The Centre offers disabled people the opportunity to work as a team, designing, manufacturing and marketing a range of gifts and promotional items.

We use a variety of printing processes and also have an embroidery machine. All work is done on site and our office is split between the design area and the production area. Products are mainly sold to local customers including individuals, businesses, clubs and societies, but are also available for national distribution.

People who attend the centre contribute to the business in many different ways including computer design, computer controlled embroidery, press operation, producing marketing material and general office duties such as word processing and filing.